Moss Altentation of Generation

Alternation of Generation

Bryophyta is a Division of Kingdom Plantae under Sub-Kingdom Cryptogamae which includes differentiated yet non-vascular plants.

Characteristic FeaturesEdit

  • Some may be thallus, while others are differentiated into roots, stems and leaves
  • Show Alternation of Generation
    • Life Cycle is dominated by Gametophyte Stage
    • Sporophytic Stage is non-branching
  • Do not have well defined vascular bundles
  • Live on soil but antherozoids require water to reach eggs
    • Are also called Amphibians of the Plant Kingdom for this reason.

Further ClassificationEdit

  • Class: Moss
  • Class: Liverworts
  • Class: Hornworts


  • The term "Bryophyta" is actually derived from the greek words - "bryon" which means tree moss and "phyton" meaning plants.