Plantae is a Kingdom which includes multicellular, eukaryotic and autotrophic organisms. Members of this Kingdom are commonly referred to as Plants.

Characteristic FeaturesEdit

  • Cells are Eukaryotic
  • Cell Wall is present
  • Autotrophic - produce food through photosynthesis
  • Reproduce both asexually and sexually. Alternation of Generation also occurs.

Further ClassificationEdit

This list is very brief and does not go into detail regarding the various classes and beyond.

  • Sub-Kingdom: Cryptogamae
    • Division Thallophyta - Body is a thallus
    • Division Bryophyta - Body is differentiated into false roots, stem and leaves
    • Division Pteridophyta - first terrestrial plants with true roots, stem and leaves and vascular bundles


  • About 300-310 thousand species of plants exist.